Agriculture Center

The Ag Center is located just off I-45 (2500 Avenue M, Huntsville, TX 77340) and is the principal location of the Equine and Meat Science Laboratories as well as additional Horticulture facilities.  This complex houses the Equine riding arena, stalling facilities, and an automated horse walker, all of which are used by the Equine Science program of the School of Agricultural Sciences at Sam Houston State University.  Additionally, this complex houses a fully functioning, USDA inspected, Meats Lab. This facility has the capabilities of harvesting beef, pork, poultry, goat, and lamb.  The Meats Lab, in combination with Gibbs Ranch, also produces BearKat Beef; a hormone free, antibiotic free, all natural university raised beef product.   The Ag Center also has greenhouses used by the Plant and Soil Science program of the department to engage students in active learning.  In total, this complex enables students in the Department of Agricultural Sciences to supplement their classroom instruction with practical hands-on learning to allow for a more complete education.


Meat science lab

Equine Lab

Plant Science Lab