Agricultural Ambassadors

Ag Ambassadors

Meet the Ambassadors

The Ag Ambassadors represent Sam Houston State University and the Department of Agricultural Sciences at various activities on and off campus, such as public relations events and recruitment functions. In addition to providing tours of facilities, the Ambassadors staff recruiting and information booths at multiple career fairs, stock shows, and agricultural conventions. The Ambassadors also attend high school career and college fairs to inform prospective students about SHSU, in addition to making presentations in high school classrooms.  A typical year will include visits with more than 10,000 prospective students at more than 20 off-campus events.

The Ambassador team is comprised of students selected by application and interview.  They volunteer their time and often their money to travel to places to promote higher education and agriculture while boosting alumni relations and university support. Ambassadors lend a helping hand to Undergraduate Admissions with on-campus tours, conduct the department’s Saturday@Sam activities, and coordinate a program designed in increase the retention rate among beginning freshmen.

The group has previously been recognized as SHSU’s Outstanding Student Organization and frequently assists various administrative offices with alumni and donor outreach efforts.

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