Quick Facts

  • Students in a learning community attend three learning community classes together each semester;
  • This is not a residential learning community; students in this program are not grouped in the same residence hall;
  • For more information, visit our FAQs page.

The Business Learning Community provides a dynamic first-year experience to business majors. Students in this cohort take part in special events hosted by the College of Business Administration, network with alumni and business leaders, and learn the important skills and values of successful business men and women.

In addition to these unique opportunities, students in this cohort form a strong, supportive community in UNIV 1301 where they learn about the skills and resources necessary for college success.

"In my UNIV 1301 class, I hope to help students learn and understand what they need to do in order to be successful in their first year of college based on my past experience as well as the experience I have with my two older children that are in college," said Ms. Gloria Buchanan, UNIV 1301 Instructor.

In my class, we do fun activities such as rappelling and volunteering at the SHSU Fall Festival. These events allow the students to get to know each other as well as develop relationships that are important to doing well in college."

2015-2016 Courses

  • Fall Courses

Choose UNIV 1301.71 and two other courses from the list below:

  • BUAD 1305.07: Electronic Communications Techniques (CRN 81664)
  • GEOG 1401.05: Weather and Climate (CRN 80011)
  • ENGL 1301.30: Composition & Rhetoric I (CRN 80641)
  • HIST 1301.10: United States History to 1876 (CRN 80939)
  • UNIV 1301.71: Introduction to Collegiate Studies (CRN 82501)
  • Spring Courses

Students must choose at least two classes from the list below:

  • BUAD 1308.07: Business Electronic Techniques (CRN 20134)
  • ENGL 1302.50: Composition II (CRN 20719)
  • HIST 1302.18: United States History Since 1876 (CRN 20866) 
  • BIOL 1408.02: Contemporary Biology (CRN 20397)