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The Department of Art at Sam Houston State University offers professional degree programs in Computer Animation, Graphic Design, Photography, and Studio Art.  The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree prepares students for professional practice and/or graduate studies. BFA students can minor in Secondary Education to be certified to teach Art in Texas Public Schools.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Art is a Liberal Arts Degree that combines a breadth of general studies in humanities, sciences, and social sciences with a general study of Art.

The Department of Art offers minors in Art History, Photography, and 2D and 3D Studio Art.

• BFA Computer Animation
• BFA Graphic Design
• BFA Photography
• BFA Studio Art
• BA Art
• Minors

All of the degree programs in the Department of Art are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

The faculty of the Department of Art includes over 25 professional artists, designers, and Art Historians who exhibit and publish their work in international exhibitions, film and animation festivals, and professional journals. The Department has over 30,000 square feet of space devoted to studios, laboratories, lecture halls and galleries, including newly renovated space for Photography and Digital Media, a 6,000 square foot building dedicated exclusively for Foundations, 2 Computer Animation Labs, fully equipped studios for Graphic Design, Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, and Ceramics. The Sculpture building has wood and metal shops, and a secure covered outdoor working area. A large gallery space is devoted to exhibitions of professional artists from around the country, and two galleries are reserved exclusively for student work, one on campus and another located in downtown Huntsville. An auditorium and classrooms with state of the art projection systems provide space for Art History classes and lectures by visiting artists.

Over 450 students major in programs in the Department of Art. Online classes are offered in Art History, Web Development, Interactive Design, and Digital Photography. Three courses that satisfy the University Core requirement for Creative Arts are offered online: ARTS 1301 Intro to Art, ARTS 1302 Exploring Contemporary Art, and ARTS 1303 Art History Survey I.

All students who are enrolled in any art course receive a membership which gives them access to a vast online library of courses on the latest software tools and skills taught by recognized industry experts through high-quality instructional videos.

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The mission of the SHSU Department of Art is to teach skills, techniques, aesthetic principles and concepts that develop students personally and help to prepare them for professional careers in art and design as well as post-graduate study. We foster a vibrant environment for creative research and collaboration between faculty, students, and the community.

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