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Previous Winners

Abbott, William H.
Andrews, Elizabeth
Baker, Nancy
Barry, Devon D
Bell, Gary M.
Bell, Kimberly K
Beverly, Marcy M.
Bohan, Harry J.
Burris, David S.
Capps, Charles James
Child, Paul W.
Cooley, Adrian B.
Cording, Richard A.
Crimm, Caroline Castillo
Daigle, Ronald
Dolive, Earline E.
Dowling, Jerry L.
Elmer, Frances W.
Emmons, Coralie A.
Fair, Frank K.
Fernald, Joe S.
Fleming, William P
Geeslin, Lee Gaddis
Gerling, David Ross
Hendrickson, Kenneth E
Holcombe, John W.
Huff, Rita B.
Irvin, Virginia
Jasper, William A.
Johnson, James A.
Kelley, Stanley F.
Krienke, Marion Douglas
Lane, Robert Alan
Maniam, Balasundram
McCauley, Joyce K.
Muehsam, Valerie P.
Murphy-Manley, Sheryl K
Murray, Thomas F.
Newbold, John Jerome
Nolteriek, Mary Ann
Olson, James S.
Park, Mary Frances
Parotti, Phillip E.
Pease, Ralph W.
Pilcher, Wayland D.
Powell, Mattye Mozelle
Price, Debra P
Reeves, Daniel H.
Rigby, Lewis Marcus
Sangster, Carol L.
Snelgrove, John
Souryal, Sam S.
Sower, Victor Edmund
Stalling, Donald L.
Ulbig, Stacy Gwenn
Ural, Susannah Janette
Waldron, Billy G.
Warner, Laverne
Yoes, Maynard E.