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LULAC 88th Annual National Convention

October 2017
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San Antonio, Texas – July 5-8, 2017

Submitted by: Miranda Estrada, SHSU LULAC Collegiate Council President

The main purpose of the national convention was for all of the members of LULAC from across the United States, to come together and reflect on past years accomplishments and develop ways that they can improve to better reach their mission statement. The 4-day evLULAC2ent was filled with educational seminars, a college and job fair, and the opportunity to connect with fellow LULAC members from a vast majority of places. The convention seminar topics range from various social and political issues that are directly affecting the Latino community. In addition, there is a portion specifically designed for collegiate councils. During the seminars, participants learned different strategies for fundraising, increasing positive social media attention, and opening the dialogue on tough topics. SHSU LULAC members also attended the State of the League Address, where the LULAC National President, Roger C. Rocha, Jr., explained in great detail the positive things that LULAC has accomplished politically on the hill in D.C., and the strides that have been taken to improve communities all across America. 

During the convention, there are several luncheons and award ceremonies to honor active individuals and council members. This year, there was a tribute concert for the Texas Tejano star, Selena. This event also gave members the opportunity to connect with other collegiate councils and their members. SHSU LULAC members were able to discuss ways they can improve the SHSU community, as well as the Huntsville community. 

While all LULAC members were able to experience different parts of the convention, a collective common experience was the importance and the need for LULAC in the communities. LULAC is dedicated to improving the lives of the people in the Hispanic and Latino community. LULAC strives to provide educational programming to disadvantaged youth throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and fights for people facing social injustices.

SHSU LULAC members returned with a heightened sense of the difficulties that Latinos are currently facing. Attending the convention gave them a better understanding of ways to challenge harmful legislation and policies, such as SB4, and the effects a border wall can have on the environment and the community. Members discussed the hateful rhetoric that is coming from the current administration and how LULAC can set a more positive image. “It was empowering for our members to be surrounded by so many influential and important Latino leaders. All of our members were immersed in the culture and sense of unity that we want to promote at Sam Houston,” said Miranda Estrada, SHSU LULAC Collegiate Council President.

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