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LTA National Convention

October 2017
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Anaheim, California – July 7-9, 2017

Submitted by: Emily Ramirez, Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc., Treasurer

The purpose of the LTA National Convention is to bring sorority sisters together from all over the country, to learn more about the history of the organization, attend workshops, and provide guidance for their education and leadership positions. The convention provides incredible programs and opportunities for professional development, community service, networking and mentoring. Participants have an opportunity to meet their “founding mothers,” and interact with guest speakers. Workshops included such topics as: finance, gender identity, empowering women, as well as providing information to help build their individual chapters. One of the greatest things about the conference, was having the opportunity to bond with sisters from around the world as well as strengthening their bonds with their own organization members. LTA

Dr. Yasmine Davidds, founder and CEO of the Latina Leadership Academy, Latina Global Executive Leadership Program @ USC and Latina Entrepreneur Path, was the keynote speaker. During her presentation, “Overcoming barriers to become an Influential Latina in Our Communities,’ she shared her story and spoke about how she overcame obstacles. Other guest speakers and their topics included: David Westol, “Hazing Motivation and the Inner Workings of a Chapter," Emmanuel Smadja – “Finance and Greek Networking,” Jacqui Durling, - “Finances and the IRS,” Joshua Fredenburg – “Leadership and Emotional Intelligence,” Esther Rosales – “Self-Love,” Courtney Leffew – “Our Partnership with St. Jude,” Juliana Garcia – “Organizing-Know Your Rights" workshops, Adrianna Samaniego on distinguishing yourself as a minority, and Jessica Petit on gender identity. 

The knowledge I received from attending this event is outstanding. I learned about the history of the organization. During the workshops, I was able to learn from truly inspiring people like Adrianna Samaniego, who graduated with a finance degree and is currently working with Google leading the Diversity Program on the Diversity Markets Team. She focuses on building programs that connect Google with underrepresented communities across their business and the tech industry. I was able to speak with her directly about my goals. Above all, I was able to gain important information that as Chapter Treasurer and a finance major, I will be able to implement during the upcoming semester.

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