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2020 Musical Theatre Student Showcase

Senior Showcase

Meet Our 2020 Graduates

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  • Anissa Garza Headshot Image

    Anissa Garza

  • Austin Colburn Headshot Image

    Austin Colburn

  • Brandon Willis Headshot Image

    Brandon Willis

  • Charles Mitchell Headshot Image

    Charles Mitchell

  • Chelsea MacElvaine Headshot Image

    Chelsea MacElvaine

  • Chris Scurlock Headshot Image

    Christopher Scurlock

  • Ciara Anderson Headshot Image

    Ciara Anderson

  • Julianne McBride Headshot Image

    Julianne McBride

  • Kristy Lozano Headshot Image

    Kristy Lozano

  • Kyle Ward Headshot Image

    Kyle Ward

  • Marcella Alba Headshot Image

    Marcella Alba

  • Mark Waddell Headshot Image

    Mark Waddell

  • Monica Oliva Headshot Image

    Monica Oliva

  • Noah Blessing Headshot Image

    Noah Blessing

  • Sam Menke Headshot Image

    Sam Menke

  • Sophia Clarke Headshot Image

    Sophia Clarke

  • Tamarah Tucker Headshot Image

    Tamarah Tucker

  • Zach Howard Headshot Image

    Zach Howard

Sam Houston 2020 Musical Theatre Senior Showcase

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
4 p.m. and 7 p.m.
New York Showcase

The Growing Studio
344 W 38th, Suite 401
New York, NY 10018

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About the New York Senior Showcase

The Senior Showcase in New York City provides a transitional opportunity for selected graduating musical theatre majors to be introduced to the city, attend Broadway productions, workshop events, and participation in professional auditions along with a Showcase audition for market professionals.