Join a Banner INB Mailing List

Join a Banner INB Mailing List

Have Banner INB questions? Get them answered by subscribing to a Mailing List!

**Please note: The mailing lists are for users in Banner INB, the administrative side of Banner used by staff and faculty.

What is a Mailing List? Each module has its own mutally exclusive list, made up of Banner INB users. The lists allow faculty and staff to "communicate and collaborate" with other Banner INB users. Subscribers can send emails to the rest of the group to either ask a question or answer one.

How do I Join? Select the desired module in the list of SHSU mailing lists and follow the instructions in the training manual.


SHSU Banner INB Mailing Lists:


Finance – General

Finance – Budget

Finance – Disbursements & Travel

Finance – Grants

Finance – Procurement

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