University 1301

What is UNIVERSITY 1301?

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University 1301 (UNIV 1301): – Introduction to Collegiate Studies – is a three credit hour, writing-enhanced elective for first-year students. Coursework provides an introduction to Sam Houston State University (SHSU) as an academic community, explores fields of study and areas of interest available to students, and acquaints students with learning tools and resources available at SHSU. The course is designed to engage students in learning and to orient them to the university community from the outset of their undergraduate studies in a way that will bridge to later experiences in their chosen majors. A strong concentration on career research that compliments student strengths and interests are aligned with college major and minor choices. Students will be able to make research-based decisions about strategies for success in college and in future careers.

Each section of UNIV 1301 is limited to 25 students to foster student-based support and study groups. Interested students should register for this class under the University-Wide link in the registration menu or please contact the First-Year Experience Office at or (936) 294.3422 for information on major-based select reserved sections. 

Specialty UNIV 1301 Sections

Specialty sections of UNIV 1301 are tailored to the themes and experiences of select academic programs and are separate stand-alone sections not linked to learning community courses. A special section of UNIV 1301 has been reserved for students in the following groups:

  • Honors Students: Section UNIV 1301 is designed specifically for honors students (offered fall semester only)
  • Pre-Vet Students: UNIV 1301.99 (CRN 80749) for first-year Pre-Vet students (offered fall semester only)
  • Terry Scholars: UNIV 1301.60 (CRN 83201) is required for all first-year Terry Scholars (offered fall semester only)
  • Freshman Learning Community Participants: each First-Year Learning Community includes a specific themed section of UNIV 1301 for the fall semester schedule. There are academic, general interest, and living learning communities to meet every student's needs. Visit the First-Year Learning Community webpage for more information and to fill out an application.

If you are in one of these groups, please contact the Student Success Initiatives office to release a reserved seat for you to proceed with registration. 

Who Teaches it?

UNIV 1301 is led by faculty, staff, and administrators who have a special interest in the success of first-year students.

Why Enroll in it?

Most students who actively take part in a first-year seminar course have higher GPA, higher success rates in college, and higher graduation rates. Students will receive academic and personal survival tools, get a general orientation to the resources and services available at Sam Houston State University, get to know other students, receive personal attention, and have fun. UNIV 1301 is designed to help make the transition to college life successful.

Want to enroll in UNIV 1301 as part of a First-Year Learning Community? For students who are interested in taking several courses with the same students in a learning community based on a major or interest see First-Year Learning Communities.

Need help registering? Steps To Register

How to Register for UNIV 1301

    1. Login to My Sam.
    2. Click on the Registration Tab
    3. Under "Registration Toolbox" in the center panel,
      click on "Look Up Classes"
    4. Using the drop down menu under "Search by Term" choose the appropriate term.
    5. Using the "Subject" scroll bar, scroll to the bottom of the menu and choose "University-Wide" then click the button "Course Search"
    6. On the next screen choose "1301 Intro To Collegiate Studies".
      Click on button "View Sections".
    7. If you are part of a Freshman Learning Community, refer to the appropriate schedule for your section number.

      For suggestions on which section to register for based on your major/interests, contact the First-Year Experience Office or (936) 294-3423.