2013 Administrators Survey of Assessment Culture

In the fall 2013 semester, over five hundred of the nation’s institutional assessment and research directors were invited to participate in the Administrator Survey of Assessment Culture. More than sixty percent of invited participants responded to the survey. Participants were selected by stratified random sampling of higher education institutional research and assessment directors.  Results will be useful in engaging faculty and staff in dialogue about the purpose and effectiveness of institutional assessment efforts.  Interested participants will have an opportunity to nominate their campus for participation in the 2014 Faculty Survey of Assessment Culture.

The 2013 Administrator Survey concluded January 17, 2013 and studies are currently underway.  A draft of basic frequency distributions are available. 

Citation: Fuller, M.B. & Skidmore, S. T. (2014). Frequency distributions for 2013 Administrators Survey of Assessment Culture. Huntsville, TX, USA: Sam Houston State University.