Marksmanship Team

The BearKat Marksmanship Unit (BMU) is a newly formed shooting team that competes at local, state, and national competitions. Our mission is to train Cadets to shoot as experts in competition, as well as at the Leadership Development and Assessment Course. The BMU spends many hours training for competitions through classroom and practical application. We are currently shooting in high power competitions, and are in the works for retrieving equipment for a small bore team as well. Being a part of this team requires dedication and an eagerness to learn. The unit meets on Mondays at 3pm, Fridays at 2pm, and sometimes on the weekend; depending on the competition. New and old shooters are encouraged to try out for the team, as there are only 6 openings for shooting, and 2 reserve spots. If you have any questions, contact me through my email at Looking forward to seeing you on the line!

Cadet Charlie Bransom

Cpt. Of BMU

               Cpt. Of BMU

Cpt. Of BMU   Cpt. Of BMU

Cpt. Of BMU   Cpt. Of BMU



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