Canon Crew

       We are the Cannon Crew. The ones who make the loudest noise, put up the colors, and aid in the tailgating at the games. Care and maintenance for the cannons and firing the weapon is our main priority. The Cannon Crew gives you that little extra knowledge that makes you above the average Cadet in the battalion, and also betters your skills in becoming an officer. More over, it's one of the funnest activities you can do in the Bearkat Battalion.


The Cannon Crew is a unique part of every Sam Houston State University home football game.  Every time Sam Houston scores or kicks off, the Cannon Crew fires the cannon (Boomer).  A three-man crew mans the cannon. One member calls commands, one fires the cannon and another reloads the cannon within seven seconds!  This crew represents ROTC at every home game and has become a tradition.

The Cannon Crew holds training on Mondays before a home game. During training, members will be taught how to assemble the breach, load the cannon, fire the cannon and call commands as the commander of the crew. Every member must pass a cannon crew test to be able to be part of the cannon crew.