A New Tradition Begins With Operation Eglsaer


Cadet Battalion Commander  Rogers presents Dr. Eglsaer
with the T-wall award at the Operation Eglsaer.


Do you know someone from the Sam Houston faculty who is a strong supporter of ROTC? If so, they could have an operation named in their honor.  This year a new tradition has been started, with specific faculty members being chosen by the Cadets to have one of the years operations named after them. These faculty members have helped Cadets through difficult times. It is because of this support that they are nominated ROTCto have one of this year’s operations named after them.  This year’s first operation was code-named Operation Eglsaer after Dr. Richard Eglsaer, the Associate Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Operation Eglsaer was this year’s Open House where each Cadet was introduced to the different groups in ROTC, like Cannon Crew, Color Guard, Ranger Company, etc, throughout the operation at AB3. Midway through the operation the Cadet Battalion Commander, Gerald Rogers, presented Dr. Eglsaer with a miniature T-wall award. The T-wall is a concrete barrier used in base construction in Iraq and Afghanistan for protection of the troops and are placed around base buildings. These barriers stand 12 feet tall and look like an upside down “T”.  This presentation marks the start of a new tradition with the Bearkat Battalion ROTC.


Off With a Bang

The first football game started off with a bang for ROTC.  The Cannon Crew was busy with the four touchdowns and kickoffs of the Sam Houston Bearkat football team. ROTC This was not the only tradition in full effect at the game.  With each score, the Cadets would move to the area behind the end zone and get down to push out one push-up for each point scored by the football team.  However, the one push-up was for the entire score so by the end of the game the Cadets had done a grand total of 70 push-ups.  All of these push-ups were led by the Cadet Battalion Commander Gerald Rogers.