Journal of Multidisciplinary Graduate Research

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Author Guidelines

Write for the Journal of Multidisciplinary Graduate Research

Would you like to publish a manuscript in the Journal of Multidisciplinary Graduate Research (JMGR)? We are looking for high-quality, original submissions written by graduate students and their professor mentors on current educational and counseling topics.

Who Reads and Writes for the Journal of Multidisciplinary Graduate Research

The Journal of Multidisciplinary Graduate Research has a distinctive niche in education and counseling publishing. Our readers are educators and counselors from all levels and from a variety of educational disciplines and job positions including teachers, principals, superintendents, professors of education, school counselors, community counselors, and counselor educators.

The Journal of Multidisciplinary Graduate Research is a venue for doctoral and masters students to begin publishing research in a peer reviewed, academic journal. Since this is a graduate student journal, only students may be first authors on the articles; however, professors are encouraged to mentor and participate in the publication process as subsequent authors.

Submission Guidelines

What We Look For

  • Original research-based articles
  • Promising practices
  • Theoretical perspectives

How to Prepare your Manuscript

  • Double-space all copy
  • 20-30 pages in length
  • One inch margins
  • Number all pages
  • 12-point font in Times New Roman
  • Submit figures and tables "picture ready"
  • Include an abstract of no more than 100 words
  • Indicate the number of words in manuscript, including references and figures
  • Title page includes names of authors, institution, and contact information
  • Delete all identifying information within the manuscript
  • Use the Sixth Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) format and style

How to Submit your Manuscript

Email your manuscript to the Editor at –

Manuscripts must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

What Happens Next

  • Manuscripts will initially be reviewed by the editorial team to deem the appropriateness of the submission for the JMGR
  • Manuscripts deemed appropriate for the journal will be sent to two reviewers with the expectation that they will be returned in six weeks
  • Authors of all reviewed manuscripts will receive copies of the anonymous feedback from our reviewers

Call for Reviewers

If you are a doctoral student or faculty interested in reviewing manuscripts for the Journal of Multidisciplinary Graduate Research (JMGR), please contact the co-editors.