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2017 Total Leadership Challenge Conference

March 2017
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Nashville, Tennessee – February 3-4, 2017

Submitted by: Tiffany Hock, Sigma Alpha President 221550_2

This two-day leadership seminar was hosted by the national levels of Sigma Alpha and Alpha Gamma Rho. The purpose of the seminar is to support chapter members in their personal and professional growth, and to provide an opportunity to network with other young professionals in the agriculture industry. Participants gained valuable information that they are able to share with fellow chapter members on their respective campuses, and utilize this information in their future endeavors.

During Session I, “Leveraging our Strengths,” attendees identified their strengths, which helps them recognize and appreciate the strengths of others. Learning to do this increases efficiency and builds a culture of strengths-based leadership within the chapters. In Session II, members had an opportunity to meet with corporate partners, advisers, alumni, and collegiate members. Participants learned about improving communication with alumni, recruitment methods, finances, as well as providing encouragement. They also learned about planning their careers, learning from their predecessors, the importance of creativity, and rewarding members for their contributions and efforts outside of the organization. During the awards luncheon, SHSU Sigma Alpha chapter received a $235 Leadership Seminar Scholarship. Click here for a complete description of the various sessions offered during the 2017 Total Leader Challenge.

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