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National American Music Association Conference

March 2017
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Sandusky, Ohio – November 10-13, 2016

Submitted by: Hope Horwath, Mu Tau Omega President

The American Music Therapy Association National Conference was held this year at the Kalahari ReAMTA 2sort in Sandusky, Ohio.  The theme, “Under the Canopy: The Music Therapy Profession” provided an opportunity for professionals from the field of music therapy to come together to meet, network, learn new ideas, and share what has been happening across the field of music therapy. Besides the opportunity for professional growth, service and education, this event also offered scholarship opportunities, workshops, and lectures for both established professionals, and students.

During AMTA conference, participants learn about the many benefits of music therapy when dealing with older adults with dementia, physical therapy patients managing pain, how it can improve communication for stroke victims, how it can help abuse or trauma victims channel their emotions, and how it can encourage social interaction for children with autism. Participants also had an opportunity to learn about trending topics ranging from medical, self-care, special education, and much more, from very knowledgeable and trained experts in the field, and are also able to meet with possible future intern supervisors.

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