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NBS 75th National Convention

April 2017
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New York City, New York – March 21-26, 2017

Submitted by: Mary Sauter, National Broadcasting Society President

The purpose of the 2017 National Broadcasting Society Convention was for college students to network with professionals in the field of mass communication, to learn from them, and be inspired by professionals in the field of mass media. Participants listened to key note speaker, John Ford, General Manager, Nonfiction Producers Association; Head of Programming, Justice Network; President, John Ford Media, LLC, and other speakers who are in the field of media. They shared their success stories and their climb to the top in their own career fields. Over 400 NBS members attended this convention from all over the United States, and Sam Houston State University was well represented with 10 NBS members also in attendance. NBS3Chapters from Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and New York, just to name a few, were all present for this amazing opportunity. Each day offered something new for the collegiate chapter members. The convention provided sessions with different topics such as: producing, reporting, and even how to deal with fake news in today’s ever changing society. In each session, they had professionals who were actually in the field and they spoke to participants about how they were able to get their current jobs. The panelists discussed their everyday routines, working in the field, and then opened up the floor to questions from the collegiate members. It was an opportunity for everyone to gain insight into the world of media.

One of the main guest speakers was Gary Lico, Founder, TV Content Executive, GARYLICO.TV. His discussion topic was, “Get Your Pitch Together: Tips and Tricks for Your Career and Life.” He has been in the field of mass communication for over 40 years and even owns his own production company. He has produced many TV shows and is best known for the TV series, "Forensic Files" which is the first and longest running real crime series on television. ( Other guest speakers included: reporters, anchors, producers, editors, and even directors from throughout the country.

National Broadcasting Society has been a huge networking and informational resource for so many students in the world of mass communication. According to Ms. Sautier, “I have been an active member of the NBS chapter for four years, and I have dreamed about going to an NBS convention.” Each year, the convention is held at different locations: Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia have been some of the locations for previous conventions. “When the announcement came out in 2016 that the 2017 convention would be in New York City, I knew I had to go! Not only would I be learning from professionals, but also, I would be in the “news” capitol of the world!” added Ms. Sautier.

Attending this convention and being able to hear about so many success stories, gave participants a new ray of hope. They learned how to network with professionals in the field of mass communication, and were able to find prospective employers. This life-changing trip made them love this industry more, and work even harder for the goals that they have set for their future. It was not only a fun trip, but also extremely educational.

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