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National Collegiate Landscape Competition

April 2017
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Provo, Utah – March 15-18, 2017

Submitted by: Sean Lakhani, Sam Houston Horticulture Club Secretary

The purpose of attending the NALP National Collegiate Landscape Competition was to be able to showcase landscaping abilities. Members of the SH Horticulture Club participated in various events during the competition. Some were team events which allowed them to work together in competition, but most were individual events. This competition not only gave participants the opportunity to compete and win awards, but also the opportunity to learn about the different types of landscaping jobs, participate in a career fair to obtain jobs/internships, and network with individuals from different schools. Each competitive event consisted of a brief explanation of the event, and a workshop of what was expected duhorticulture2ring the competition. The workshops taught participants about the materials for the event, as well as everything that would be needed to achieve that specific landscaping job. For example, said Sean Lakhani, “I participated in an irrigation assembly competition which not only taught me how to set up an irrigation system but why it is set up the way it is, the safety behind the setup, and how to maintain the setup. I also participated in a sales competition which involved designing a landscape, and pitching my design to clients in hopes to get a contract signed with my "company." I not only learned how to open and close a sale, but also to design a green and clean landscape that is also efficiently used.” Overall, this competition gave participants a clear insight on landscaping and how it can be a pathway for their future.

SHSU’s Brackston McKnight, received 2nd place in individual event participation in the category of Business Management, with a high score of 95.00. He commented about his experience saying, "I think I benefited from this in several ways. I was able to review a lot of the material from my agricultural finance course, and taking that course helped me a lot. I also think doing problems based on real life situations will be very helpful later on, as I think I may go into business for myself later on. The convention overall was also a great experience, getting to meet and network with other college students from across the nation who are passionate about the nursery industry. The career fair was an excellent opportunity to meet future employers."

Other SHSU students recognized on the Top Students “SuperStar Report” included: Sean Lakhani, Colleen Powell, Terry Tolley, Michael Loving, Brackston McKnight, Steven Summers, Alison Cooke, and Gregory White. Click here for a complete detailed summary of the event participants from Sam Houston State University.

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