Travel Recap

Texas Association of Music Educators Convention

April 2017
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San Antonio, Texas – February 8-11, 2017

Submitted by: Kelsie Randles, Sam Choral Educators Treasurer

Sam Choral Educators attended the Texas Association of Music Educators Convention in order to improve as individuals and future educators. The trip was designed to teach participants about views needed to be successful educators in the state of Texas. As an organization, members focused on vocal clinics, in which they learned how to teach children of all ages and genders. The conference provided an opportunity to learn many things that are necessary for their degrees, that most educators do not get to experience until after they graduate.SCE1

Members learned about the changing male voice, and how to approach teaching different genders in choral settings. They learned how current choral students in public schools define choir, and what it means to each of them. They also learned how to teach students through the use of different rhythmic and pitch exercises, how to create an inclusive environment in the classroom, and incorporate special needs students. Furthermore, they were asked to volunteer as ushers for concerts during the convention. This was the first time a college organization was asked to volunteer at the convention, and since SHSU Choral Educators had volunteered for the Region 9 choral programs, the directors knew them. This gave members the opportunity to network with fine arts directors, current choir directors, as well as give them a perspective into the “behind the scenes” of the convention. The volunteer opportunity taught them how to handle large crowds with little manpower, and it allowed for members to highlight their organization and SHSU.

Many members also attended concerts performed by all age groups; choirs such as the University of Houston Choir, Coppell High School Choir, Mitchell Intermediate Choir, and the All State Mixed Choir. Many students were able to purchase professional conducting batons, and instruments needed to engage a music classroom. The Sam Choral Educators also attended several workshops that gave free music packets to attendees, which they can use in their own future classrooms. “One of the most vital sessions attended by the members was a session concerning the Music Content TeXeS exam, which we all must take and pass in order to complete Texas certification. This session taught many students study techniques for the exam, and explained how the exam is structured so that we all may succeed,” said Kelsie Randles.

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