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Conference of Texas Statisticians (COTS)

April 2017
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Dallas, Texas – March 24-25, 2017

Submitted by: Meghan Sealey, SHSU Statistics Club President

COTS was established in Houston, Texas in 1980 by Mr. Tom Bratcher, Jim Davenport, and Bill Schucany during an annual American Statistical Association (ASA) meeting. The first COTS meeting was held in Waco, Texas in February, 1981, and has become an annual event since then. These meetings give Texas statisticians an opportunity to exchange ideas, both socially and intellectually. Senior and junior statisticians, as well as other students, present their research talks or posters at the conference. COTS offered an opportunity for SHSU Statistics Club members to present any type of statistical research they have been working on, as well as give them foresight to multiple experienced statistic224253_COTS 1ians as they present their own research. By attending this conference, SHSU Statistics Club members were able to showcase how statistics plays a role on the SHSU campus community, as well as in the undergraduate and graduate Statistics programs at Sam Houston State University.

During the banquet dinner, welcome remarks were given by Professor Thomas DiPiero, Dean, Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, SMU. This event provides a great opportunity for networking with other Statistic Club members from other universities, as well as other statisticians from the entire State of Texas. The following SHSU Statistics Club members received recognition during the conference, for their presentations in the following categories:

Category: Master/Undergraduate Level - Mathematical Statistics/Biostatistics

1st Prize - Heranga Rathnasekara, Sam Houston State University Poster: Hot Sports and Cluster Analysis of a Mosquito-Born Disease

2nd Prize - Kristina Yount, Sam Houston State University Poster: Predicting Parasite Counts of Apis Mellifera Using Poisson Regression

Master/Undergraduate Level - Applied Statistics/Interdisciplinary

1st Prize - Feiyang Gao, Sam Houston State University Poster: Statistical Quality Control to Test Human Limits in Golf

3rd Prize: Meghan Sealey, Sam Houston State University Poster: Quality Control Techniques to Monitor On-Time Performance of Houston Airport

Click here for a complete list of all the winners. Also during the banquet, the annual Don Owen Award for excellence in research, service to the statistical community, and statistical consultation is presented.

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