Angelique Price Bio

A Price

Hometown: Austin, TX

High school: Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

Major/Minor: Political Science, Mass Communication

Classification: Senior

Favorite orientation memory: My favorite Orientation memory would have to be my first “Run Out” the adrenaline I had that day was unmatched. I was so focused on what I wanted to do, I forgot everything.

Most memorable SHSU experience: My most memorable experience would have to be completing 6 months of pageant preparation, and wining my very first scholarship pageant here on campus.

Favorite SHSU tradition: My favorite tradition would have to be hands down “Fire Fest” right before the BOTPW.

Why did you choose SHSU? I chose SHSU because I truly loved the close knit culture of the campus and the students were amazing!

Why did you want to be on the Orientation Team: I wanted to be on the O-Team simply because I wanted to give back to the campus, and during my time here at Sam Houston I truly feel that I have become the absolute BEST BEARKAT I could be!

What advice would you give incoming students?  If I could give any advice to income students it would be : “Be yourself, but be open to new things. These are the BEST, HARD, LOVING times of your life… GO FOR IT.”