Over the past decade, public universities have experienced a significant decline in state funding and larger unfunded mandates forcing increases in tuition and fees. However, tuition revenue can grow only so much before the public begins to seek alternatives.

SHSU has 11.7 employees per 100 students compared to the state average of 15.6

Like many other public universities, Sam Houston State is working to find ways in which to offset some of the imbalances created in this changing environment. Maximizing operational efficiency has become a pervasive mantra that is carried throughout the planning and budgeting process.

Operational efficiency does not automatically mean "cost-cutting." The goal is to achieve a higher return on expenditures through a combination of expense reduction and efficiency enhancements. In other words, to be efficient the university must also be effective.

The value of a Sam Houston education is determined not only by the quality of education received but also by the comparable costs associated with attaining a degree. In order to build value, the university maximizes the resources used to educate and service our students.

Administrative costs as a percentage of operating budget have been cut in half over the past ten years