Traditions are long-standing beliefs, practices or customs handed down through generations. They are integral to defining and connecting to a cultural identity and reinforcing its values. Traditions help to communicate "who we are," "what we stand for," "what we do," and "how things are done."

Shared commitment and common traditions and values contribute to both brand image and promise. One of the university's strongest and most enduring qualities - a personal and caring approach to teaching and learning, is a reflection of a deeply-imbedded cultural value that can be traced back to the mission of our founding.

Since SHSU's founding in 1879, the student-to-faculty ratio has remained relatively unchanged at 24:1, 4th best in the state.

In order to thrive in a dynamic environment, our strong traditions and values provide the foundation on which we can leverage and integrate change. While programs, structures and systems may evolve; the institution's traditional beliefs in support of academic excellence, student success, operational efficiency and innovation will endure.