Correspondence Course Fees

Registration Fee

The registration fee is assessed at the rate of $181.00 per semester credit hour (SCH); the non-refundable Administrative Fee for each course is $30.00. Therefore, a 3 SCH course is $573.00; a 1 SCH course is $211.00.

Additional Costs

Please note, some Correspondence courses require the use of a web camera during the final examination. If your computer or laptop is not equipped with a web camera, the purchase of one is required. As an alternative, students have the option to test in the correspondence office by appointment only.


Payments are made online through My Sam.  Payments made by credit card will incur a non-refundable convenience fee charged at the time of payment. Students owing a past due balance to the University will not be permitted to register for Correspondence Courses until their balance is paid. 

Financial Aid Access

Students enrolled solely in correspondence courses are NOT eligible for Title IV Federal assistance. For more information, contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office at 936.294.1774 or access their website at

Veterans and Family Members

The Hazlewood Act provides assistance for Texas veterans and dependents of Texas veterans who have exhausted their federal Veterans Administration benefits. To be eligible, the students must be enrolled in a course that meets the requirements of a component area in the SHSU Core Curriculum or that is applicable toward the student's Official Degree Plan that has been designated within the student's major department. For further information regarding the Hazlewood Act, contact the Veterans Resource Center, telephone number (936) 294-1046.

Dropping a Correspondence Course

You may drop a correspondence course anytime before the final examination without academic penalty, and the course will not appear on your official transcript. If you attempt to take the online final examination, however, you may no longer drop the course and a grade will be assigned. Grades become a permanent part of the student's SHSU record. Drop Request Form

Refund Policy

In the event a refund is granted, the following policy will apply:

Refund Policy Chart

3 sch 1 sch
before the enrollment is complete 100 percent of $573.00 $211.00
1 week or less 80 percent of $543.00 $181.00
between 1 and 2 weeks 60 percent of $543.00 $181.00
between 2 and 3 weeks 40 percent of $543.00 $181.00
between 3 and 4 weeks 20 percent of $543.00 $181.00
after 4 weeks a refund will not be granted