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About Me

I am currently a Professor of the Department of Computer Science at the Sam Houston State University. My research interests inlcude information assurance, digital forensics, image/video/audio analysis, multimedia forensics, bioinformatics, machine intelligence and computational applications.

My complete CV is availabe by clicking here


Multimedia Forensics

Multimedia forensics is a research field in Computer Science and Digital Forensics that may have important impact to law enforcement and protection of public safety and national security. Steganography, forgery manipulation, and the detection are actively delivered in the area. I focus on steganalysis and forgery detection on multimedia data. Our recent work include

Image/video/audio steganalysis

Image/vidoe/audio forgery detection


For details, please visit our research project webpage.


Bioinformatics aims to increase the understanding of biological processes, with the aids of computer science, statistics and modern biological techniques. We focus on the high-throughput biological data analysis, including:

Microarray data analysis

Proteomics data analysis

RNA-seq data analysis

SNP data analysis

Medical imaging


Contact Me

Postal Mail

AB1, #216D

Department of Computer Science

Sam Houston State University

1803 Avenue I.

Huntsville, Texas 77341

(936) 294-3569 (Office)


(936) 294-4312

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