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Professional Sports

(Note: The names of specific teams mentioned with each of the following men were those at the time of selection as Significant Sig.

  • Adventurers:
  • Golf:
  • Horse Racing:
  • Olympics:
  • Professional Baseball:
  • Professional Basketball:
  • Professional Football:
  • Professional Hockey:
  • Professional Tennis:

    College Athletics

    (Note: The names of colleges and universities associated with the following men were those at the time of their selection as Significant Sig. Updates and links are included for many. If you know of any relevant link to any of these Significant Sigs, please let me know.)

    • College Athletic Directors:
      • Dr. David O. Matthews (1979), Professor, Director and Developer of largest recreational sports program in U.S.: University of Illinois
      • John D. Bridgers (1985), Director of Athletics: University of New Mexico
      • Frederick A. Schaus (1985), Director of Athletics: West Virginia University
      • Carl Ullrich (1987), Athletic Director: U.S. Academy at West Point
      • Robert ``Joe" Dean (1989), Director of Athletics: Louisiana State University

    • College Baseball:
      • Frank Sancet (1971), Head Baseball Coach: University of Arizona; he is one of the Top 10 All-Time Winningest Coaches (The university has named its new baseball field "Frank Sancet Field")
      • Larry L. Cochell (1995), Varsity baseball coach, Oklahoma University

    • College Basketball:
      • A.C. "Dutch" Lonbord (1977), former Director of Athletics: Kansas and Olympic basketball coach
      • John M. Orr (1977), Head Basketball Coach: University of Michigan, National Coach of the Year
      • Eddie Sutton (1979), Coach of the Year (Stated as one of the greatest feats in NCAA history: "Eddie Sutton is the only coach to guide teams from four schools to the tournament: OSU, Creighton, Arkansas, and Kentucky.") and Head Basketball Coach: University of Arkansas
      • Darrell D. Hedric (1985), Head basketball coach: Miami University (Ohio)
      • F. LaDell Anderson (1987), Head basketball coach: Bringham Young University
      • Richard L. Van Scyoc (1995), State champion and winningest high school basketball coach in Illinois history

    • College football:
    • Swimming and Diving:
    • College Track and Field:
      • Dr. Donald C. Seaton (1985), former track coach: University of Illinois and University of Kentucky Bill Dellinger
      • William S. Dellinger (1989), Head track coach: University of Oregon (pictured right)
      • Robert E. Larsen (1991), Head Track Coach: UCLA

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