Project Based Learning is a teaching technique in which students create a project to solve a problem, answer a perplexing query, and/or explore and determine a response to a multifaceted challenge while acquiring course content and 21st century proficiencies (including innovative critical thinking, collaboration, and communication). Students develop ownership (and buy in) through choice of some aspects of the project such as how to use their time, which frequently is an extended period of time. They also practice skills of critique and modification. The instructor provides a driving question to guide students in using problem solving skills and is available for consultation. Frequently, depending on the challenge and situation, students may present their results to a public audience outside the classroom.  

More info at http://bie.org/about/what_pbl

Our facilitator, Jill Ackers, is currently the Director of a Dual Language PBL Elementary school in Dallas, Texas, which she developed in response to her desire for a dual language school for her child. She is also a BIE National Faculty Member, International Baccalaureate Coordinator, and a Dual Language and Global Education Consultant. She has also been called an authentic learning experiences consultant. Read about her current project here.

"Students are motivate in a more focused way since they are charged with the task of solving a problem, one that they themselves will face in their personal engagement with course content."  -Dr. Sheryl Murphy-Manley, College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication

For more info, e-mail PACE@SHSU.edu