KatSafe Communications Instructions

What is KatSafe?

The safety and well-being of our students is one of our highest priorities at Sam Houston State University. One of the methods that Sam Houston State University uses for immediate notification is KatSafe. This system enhances the university’s ability to reach students, faculty and staff by simultaneously triggering multiple contact points provides students, faculty and staff with immediate notification in case of an emergency.

In an emergency, KatSafe will be activated, sending telephone calls (cell and/or home), e-mail, and text (SMS) messages to the campus community. Additionally, desktop alerts , the university website and SHSU social media channels are part of the KatSafe system and may also be utilized to disseminate information. 

The contact information is deemed private and will be used by the university for official notification or business purposes only.  

How do I sign up for KatSafe?

All SHSU community members are automatically enrolled in KatSafe voice and emails. Users can update their personal information using the SamWeb portal and add up to 10 people. Each night the system automatically updates the database, capturing any changes made by students/employees that day.

How do I receive KatSafe text messages?

In an emergency, SHSU will use text messaging for immediate notification. To sign up for KatSafe text messages, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to SamWeb and select “Miscellaneous”
  2. Then, select “KatSafe Emergency Contact Information”
  3. Under “Phone”, ensure that “(txt & voice)” is beside your phone number. If it is not, select the “Add” button
  4. In the box that pops up, enter your phone number, select “txt & voice” then select the “Add” button.