Traveling Bearkats

Kyleblog1August 12, 2016 | Kyle Folse

When I started as a student here, I never thought my Bearkat experience would take me all the way across the world. The moment you step on this campus you’re immediately presented with countless opportunities. I started in the Fall of 2013, and I had no idea what to even expect for what was ahead of me. Looking back from now, I can honestly say these have been the greatest years of my life.

Within the first couple of days, I got involved in an organization called Chi Alpha Christian Ministry. This was the start of a huge reason why I’ve been having the best time of my life. Through Chi Alpha I’ve been able to make the best friends I’ve ever had, learn more than I have ever before, and also travel to different parts of the world. This summer, I went on a mission trip to Morocco to share about who God is and what He’s continuing to do to this day. The culture and the people I had the pleasure of meeting is something I will never forget.

Before attending Sam Houston, one of the things I really wanted (besides a degree) was to make friendships that would last. Through Chi Alpha and the community at SHSU, my experiences surpassed my expectations far more than I could’ve imagined. A lot of times you make decisions, then the decisions turn around and decide things for you. I’ve always been thankful I decided to attend Sam Houston and grateful for the things I’ve been able to experience in my time here. SHSU will provide opportunities, but it’s up to you to make your time count while you’re here.

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