Diversity Council


In 2005, the then named Office of Multicultural and International Student Services, housed under the Department of Student Activities, created the Diversity Council. The Diversity Council was primarily created to plan and implement the Diversity Leadership Conference but as of 2015, has been responsible for more programs throughout the academic year, including the Heritage/History Month Celebrations and Chat & Chew's. The Diversity Council housed under the Center for Diversity & Intercultural Affairs is made up of eight (8) students and an advisor that all work to educate the Sam Houston State University community on diversity through its programming. 


The mission of the Diversity Council is to create a positive, educational and inclusive experience for all constituents at Sam Houston State University. Through programs and the annual Diversity Leadership Conference, the Diversity council strives to educate the Bearkat community so that they may be global citizens upon graduation.

Diversity Council

La Yauna Bonds

LaYauna Bonds, Co-Executive Director

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Houston, TX

Fun Fact: At hotels, my barefoot has never touched the ground!

Diversity means realizing that everyone is different in their own unique way - and that it is something that we should be proud of." – LaYauna

Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson, Co-Executive Director

Major: Mass Communications

Hometown: Round Rock, Texas

Fun Fact: I am the youngest of 7 children.

Diversity means being educated and informed on cultures that are different than your own." Jordan


Amber Garcia, Coordinator

Major: Biomedical Science; Focus: Pre-Med

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Fun Fact: I own over 25 pairs of converses! 

"Diversity influences who we are as a society in the way we differently view situations to create a holistic perspective." Amber



Travion Johnson, Marketing

Major: Kinesiology; Minor: Secondary Education

Hometown: Waco, TX

Fun Fact: I listen to over 50 genres of music 

 “Diversity is the appreciation and celebration of each person's culture and/or customs.” Trey


Makiya Owens, Secretary

Major: Criminal Justice, Minor: Political Science

Hometown: Killeen, TX

Fun fact: I don't like chocolate

Diversity is understanding the world through different perspectives” Makiya 


Mike Kayira, Historian

Major: Computing Science

Hometown: Houston, TX

Fun Fact: I have a fraternal twin brother.

 “Diversity is what you say, what you do, what you eat, what you wear - everything that defines who you are and your identity." – Mike

IMG_8405 2

Summer Davis, Outreach Director

Major: Sociology; Minor: Spanish & Legal Studies

Hometown: St. Louis, MO.

Fun Fact: I've never held a baby.

“Diversity is creating a space for different cultures and groups of people to be uplifted and celebrated." – Summer


Kismot Kamal, Programming Director

Major: Healthcare Administration, Minor: International Business

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Fun Fact: I competed at a fashion show as a first year designer and won! 

 “Diversity fosters a community of equity and mutual respect; it also helps us understand our differences beyond just tolerance." – Kismot