Financial Literacy Week

  • Alpha Phi Sigma
    Alpha Phi Sigma won the FLW 2019 Family Feud competition for a whopping $1000!
  • Scholarship Winner!
    The SMMC gave out $6000 in scholarships and org prizes during FLW 2019! Every student had a chance to win a $250 scholarship for just attending!
  • Org Award
    We gave out $1000 as an organization award to the highest participating org during FLW 19!
  • Best Box Ever
    Huntsville's very own Best Box Ever presented during FLW 19!
  • Natalie Torres-Haddad
    Natalie Torres-Haddad was our key speaker for FLW 19! She is the author of the book Financially Savvy in 20 minutes.

Financial Literacy Week is the signature event of the Student Money Management Center. This week-long event is held every year in February and features several guest speakers and presentations that teach students about managing money, creative ways to save, debt and credit, how to become financially secure, and so much more!

This event also features opportunities for students to win individual scholarships or scholarships for their organization!

Financial Literacy Week 2019 Information

  • Event Dates and Times

    Guiding Your Finances Feb 18-21, 2019 poster.

    Sample Guiding Your Finances schedule.

  • Scholarships and Awards

    Individual Scholarships

    • One $250 scholarship will be awarded at all 5:30pm and 7:00pm events
    • Winner must have an active Bearkat OneCard
    • Winner must be present for the entire event

    Organization Awards

    • Organization Participation Contest
      • The two organizations with the highest participation during Financial Literacy Week will receive a $1000 award
      • Must be a registered organization on campus
      • Must submit org roster and org contact name, email and phone number to the Student Money Management Center by February 13, 2019.
      • There must be org representation at a minimum of three FLW events throughout the week
      • Org members must have an active Bearkat OneCard to participate
      • All org representative must check in at the conclusion of each FLW event to receive credit for participation

    • Family Feud Contest
      • Organizations will compete tournament style in answering financial literacy and money management related questions.
        • 1st Place - $1000
        • 2nd Place - $500
        • 3rd Place – $250
        • 4th Place - $250
      • Participation in the contest requires organizations to sign and submit “Family Feud Agreement Form” and “Family Feud Rules” by Friday, February 1, 2019.
        • Contact the Student Money Management Center for more information.

Financial Literacy Week Presentations

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