Creating a New Project

A Captivate project is a set of slides that are played in a desired sequence as a movie. Start creating a Captivate project by using one of the following options on the Welcome screen:


Responsive Project

This option allows for the design and creation of a single project that can be used with multiple layouts for various devices.

Software Simulation

A series of screenshots is captured and placed sequentially in separate slides. A mouse, keyboard, or system event is the usual trigger for a new slide. During recording, use the application or website normally.

Video Demo

A video demonstration can be recorded, which can be published directly as an MP4 file. The video can be uploaded to YouTube or social media. Captivate also lets allows for editing of the video to enhance it with effects and add audio, PIP (Picture in Picture) videos, and other objects.

From PowerPoint

A PowerPoint presentation can be imported, or only selected slides, into a Captivate project. The presentations can then be edited from within Captivate.

Blank Project

You can start from a blank project with the selected project dimensions. You can add Captivate objects, import Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, images, audio, video, and animations, or even record a software demonstration or simulation.

For SHSU purposes, it is recommended to create the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint and import it into Captivate.

Selecting Blank Project allows the Canvas (resolution) to be adjusted.


Once the resolution is selected, select Create.