Adobe Sign - Account Home

The Adobe Sign account Home page provides quick access to most of the Adobe Sign.

Adobe Sign Portal

  1. In Progress – the number of documents you have created and are still in progress
  2. Waiting For You – the number of documents that are currently waiting on action
  3. Events and Alerts – number of notifications
  4. Request signatures – quick link to the Send page
  5. Start from library – allows you to select a template from the library or a workflow to start a new agreement
  6. Fill and sign a document – when you need to place your signature on a document and send that document to another party
  7. Publish a web form – a web are documents or forms that can be placed on a website that allows others to generate a signed form, such as a membership application or registration form
  8. Send in bulk with Mega Sign – allows you to send a document for individual signature people to a large number of people
  9. Create a reusable template – create a document to use for repeated use
  10. Manage and track all agreements – quick link to the Manage page
  11. Enhance your account – users are brought to the My Signature page to create their signature