Dissertation Boot Camp

Dissertation Boot Camp

  • What is Dissertation Boot Camp?

    Dissertation Boot Camp is a free-of-charge, all-inclusive weekend program designed to assist post-comps scholars enrolled in any SHSU proposal or dissertation course. Services include research, writing, and statistics assistance, along with opportunities to receive individualized guidance. Fall and spring camps are chapter-specific (fall – introduction, literature review, methods, pre-proposal / spring – post-proposal/pre-defense, data analysis, conclusion).

  • When are boot camps held?

    Boot camps are generally held mid-semester (March during the spring term and October during the fall term). For out-of-town participants, lodging accommodations are available on a first come, first served basis. Selected students are expected to attend all camp sessions on both days.

  • How are students selected to attend Dissertation Boot Camp?

    To attend DBC, students must be currently enrolled in a SHSU doctoral program and complete an application. Faculty members are also encouraged to nominate students. Nominations must include students’ names, Sam IDs, and email addresses, and should be emailed to the Graduate School’s academic support coach at lxq004@shsu.edu. Camp seats are limited and awarded based on need and open availability.

    If you or someone you know would benefit from this program, please contact your advisor, chair, or another SHSU graduate faculty or staff member.

  • Upcoming camps

    Fall 2020 – Date – Friday, October 9 & Saturday, October 10 // Time: All Day // Location: Zoom

    Spring 2021 – Date – March 2021 // Time: All Day // Location: TBD

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  • Other support services

    The Graduate School encourages you to attend writing support events. Events such as International Student Workshops, Writing Retreats, Writing Sessions, and Writing Recharges are available. Whether you are completing a major project, research project, capstone, thesis, or dissertation, our office strives to serve you.