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The purpose of the SHSU urban forestry program is to establish and maintain a safe, sustainable, healthy, and attractive campus urban forest.


If you have any tree questions or concerns please contact the campus urban forester or the Building and Landscape Services office.

Evan Anderson - Campus Urban Forester
ISA Certified Arborist WE-9936A
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

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  • Campus Tree Care Plan
  • Tree Campus USA

    We have been recognized as a Tree Campus USA recipient since 2014.

  • Arbor Day

    SHSU celebrates Arbor Day twice every year. SH Arbor Day is on the last Thursday in March and TX Arbor Day is on the first Thursday of November. Look for more information in the weeks leading up to the event or contact SHSU Leadership Initiatives for details about how to volunteer. It's always a great event for SHSU students, faculty, and staff to help our urban forest grow.


  • Raven Tree Trail
  • Services Provided
    • Tree trimming and removals
    • Tree risk assessments
    • Tree protection
    • Tree planting
    • Campus tree nursery
    • Tree insect and disease diagnosis
    • Soil restoration
    • Chemical applications

    Juam Lift

  • Zero Waste Initiative

    No landscape waste created by SHSU Landscape Services enters the waste stream or landfills. All wood less that 10” in diameter is chipped into mulch and leaves are composted. The mulch and compost are used to enhance our campus landscape. Large dimension wood is split into firewood or donated to a local mulch plant. If you are interested in firewood or logs contact the campus urban forester



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