Success, Leadership & Professionalism

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ELITE (Establishing Leadership In & Through Education) is a minority male success program designed to support and empower male students from minority backgrounds to achieve academic and personal success in college. Our program provides a range of services and resources aimed at addressing the unique challenges faced by minority male students.

Our program components include:

Community building: Opportunities for students to connect with one another and build a supportive community on campus, such as through social events and brotherhood roundtables.

Mentoring: Pair students with peer-mentors who provide academic and personal guidance and support.

Academic support: Offer academic tutoring, study skills workshops, and other resources to help students succeed in their coursework.

Leadership development: Offer leadership development opportunities, such as leadership training workshops, community service projects, and networking events, to help students develop the skills and confidence to become leaders on campus and in their communities.

 The ultimate goal of ELITE is to empower students to succeed academically, personally, and professionally, and to help them become leaders in their communities. By providing tailored support and resources, our program helps close to achievement gaps and develop the next generation of Black & Hispanic leaders.