Judicial Affairs

The Dean of Students' Office is responsible for coordinating and administering the student judicial process at Sam Houston State University. This includes receiving reports of alleged misconduct, investigating the conduct using all means necessary, ensuring that students receive due process and fair treatment throughout the discipline process, and maintaining students' disciplinary records. Additionally, the Dean of Students' Office is committed to informing students of their rights as members of the university community and educating them regarding the responsibilities they have to themselves and the other members of the university community.

The Dean of Students' Office views the student judicial process as a learning experience that can result in growth and personal understanding of one's responsibilities and privileges within both the university community and society. Further, the Dean of Students' Office strives to address unacceptable behavior in a manner that informs students and guides them toward a greater sense of personal responsibility and more mature and ethical standards.

The Dean of Students' Office also receives reports of student misconduct by other students, faculty, staff and administrators. If you have witnessed a violation of the SHSU Code of Student Conduct or you wish to report suspicious activity involving social or academic misconduct, please contact the Dean of Students' Office at (936) 294-1785 or via email at doso@shsu.edu or by filling out an Incident Report Form.

Incident Report Form

Community Service for Sanction Form