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The Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act was signed into law in
November 1990 and amended several times in subsequent years. Title II of this Act is
known as the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990. This Act requires
institutions participating in the student financial aid programs under Title IV of the
Higher Education Act of 1965 to disclose information about campus safety policies
and procedures and to provide statistics concerning whether certain crimes took place
on campus. Reauthorized under several different Federal Acts, including the Violence
Against Women Act (VAWA), Sam
Houston State University’s current Annual Security Reports for the past eight years of reporting.
The following student guidelines are presented as a courtesy for the SHSU Student
Guidelines Handbook. It should be noted that policies, procedures, and services are
completed by numerous departments on the campus of SHSU involving campus safety
and security. All policies and links related to Campus Safety and Security can be found
on the SHSU Police Department website.

A printed version of the SHSU Annual Security Report is available at during the
hours of 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday thru Friday at the Sam Houston State University
Police Department, located at 2424 Sam Houston Avenue, Huntsville, Texas, 77341.
The emergency phone number for the SHSU Police Department is (936) 294-1000.
The regular business phone number is (936) 294-1800, with both phone numbers
answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Huntsville/Walker County Dispatch Center
will forward 911 calls related to the University to the Sam Houston State University
dispatch center, and if necessary, dispatch additional patrol units of the Huntsville Police
Department or Walker County Sheriff’s Department to assist the Sam Houston State
University Police Department.

Reporting Offenses
Students, faculty, staff, and guests are encouraged to report any criminal offense within the
jurisdiction of the SHSU Police Department, or to other law enforcement agencies, as
soon as possible. While some of the Student Guidelines handbook can partially explain
the University Police Department’s functions, programs, and procedures, everyone is
encouraged to gain information available through the Annual Security Report and other
information through the University’s Police Department website.
Or call and speak with an officer at (936) 294-1800.

Patrol, Escort
Uniformed University Police officers patrol the campus area 24 hours each day in
marked police units with a police radio and video systems. In addition, during the day,
uniformed student parking control personnel are on patrol in the parking areas; each
person is issued a two-way radio for contact within the university police system. In
the evening and early morning hours there are uniformed student foot patrol personnel
patrolling the main campus and provide escort service to anyone whom may be
concerned with their safety (Escort service may be obtained at (936 294-1800).

Emergency Call Boxes and Telephones
The university currently has sixteen emergency free standing call boxes located in strategic
locations across campus. In addition, most residence halls have emergency telephone
boxes outside the main entrance to the halls. The call boxes allow direct communication
with the police department and provide a rapid means for reporting emergencies and
crimes, in addition to requesting police assistance. University telephones, after punching
“9” for an outside line, may be used to dial 911 (i.e., 9,911).

Law Enforcement Duties Justification
Sam Houston State University’s Police Department derive their duties from the Texas
Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 2.12 (8) – Who are Peace Officers- Officers
commissioned under Section 37.081, Education Code, or Subchapter E, Chapter 51,
Education Code

Primary Jurisdiction
The primary jurisdiction of the Sam Houston Police Department, as provided by Section
51.203, Texas Education Code, includes counties in which Sam Houston State University property
is included.

Alarms and Video Surveillance
The SHSU Police Department monitors a comprehensive system of alarms and closed
circuit video surveillance cameras.

Timely Warning and Emergency Notification Policies
SHSU Police Department will report to the campus community in a manner that is timely
any major offense that has been reported that will aid in the prevention of similar crimes
using a variety of mediums.<br />Emergency Notification is made upon of a significant emergency or dangerous situation
involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees on the
campus. An “immediate threat” can be such incidents as an approaching forest fire, a
fire raging in a building on campus, an outbreak of meningitis or other serious illness,
approaching extreme weather (tornado, hurricane), earthquake, gas leak, terrorist
incident, armed intruder, bomb threat, civil unrest or rioting, an explosion, and a nearby
chemical or hazardous waste spill.

Crime Prevention §668.46 (b) (5) (6)
Ongoing Programs and Security Awareness, Crime Prevention

Throughout the academic year there will be group programs and individual counseling on
crime prevention presented by the Sam Houston State University Police, the Huntsville
Police Department, and the Walker County Sheriff’s Department. These programs cover
a variety of subjects.
The Sam Houston State University Police Department’s “Community Out-Reach Efforts”
(C.O.R.E.) group provides several presentations to continually improve the safety on
the Sam Houston State University campus. C.O.R.E. officers normally engage in an
“open forum” style discussion with participants and will provide relative personal past
experiences. Following each presentation participants will be given the opportunity for
questions and answers as well physical participation in skill related training.

To request a presentation please complete the Program /Presentation Request located at
our department’s website
These presentations were all researched and developed through the Sam Houston State
University Police Department. Verification of volume of programs verified through
dispatch call slips, available at the Sam Houston State University Police Department. In
2015 SHSU PD conducted 111 programs.

“Campus Safety” (1 hour)
Officers will discuss topics related to safety in the Sam Houston State University
community. Topics will relate to alcohol/ drug abuse, domestic violence and sexual
assault. Groups will receive information pertaining to Texas state laws, statistics,
prevention, and awareness tips

The Immortal Crime of Identity Theft
A combined department program through SHSU IT and SHSU PD recognizing the history,
suspect identification and technology used in Identity Theft.

Back to the Basics of Safety
Recognition and development of situational awareness, biases developed through life that
interferes with one’s awareness of safety.

“Sexual Assault /Domestic Violence” (1 hour)
Officers discuss topics about prevention and intervention of sexual assault and domestic
violence. Learn about how to recognize the signs of violence, what to do if you or a
person you know is a victim, and how to intervene. Groups will receive information
pertaining to Texas state laws, statistics, prevention, and awareness.

“Bystander Intervention” (1 hour)
Learn various intervention techniques for Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating
Violence, Roommate Violence, Stalking, and Harassment. Learn how to recognize
violence and what to do to intervene. Groups will receive information pertaining to
Texas state laws, statistics, prevention, and awareness tips. This is an outstanding
program encouraging the attendees to take care of yourself and your fellow Bearkat.

“Residence Life- Drug Recognition” (1 hour)
Residence Hall staff receive information about how to detect and identify illegal drugs and
drug paraphernalia.

“Driving While Intoxicated Simulation” (2 hours)
Experience some of the effects of Driving While Intoxicated first hand. Participants
will have the opportunity to maneuver a peddle cart through a specified course while
wearing Fatal Vision goggles. Participants will experience the effects of driving while
intoxicated without suffering from the real life consequences. Also available, is a
Driving While Intoxicated simulator or an impaired vision simulator. Equipment is
provided by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

“BikeTexas- College Active Transportation Safety” (30 Minutes):
Presented by Parking/Transportation Assistant Director Matt McDaniel
Provides safety information and education in an effort to reduce motor vehicle accidents
involving pedestrians and bicyclists. Provides information about rules and regulations
regarding bicycle usage on campus.

“Spring Break/ Summer Safety” (1 hour)
Keep safe while traveling during spring break and summer. Learn about the keeping
your property safe and making responsible decisions related to alcohol and drug use.
Also learn how to protect your property as you travel. Groups will receive information
pertaining to Texas state laws, statistics, prevention, and awareness tips.

“Workplace/ Classroom Violence” (1 hour)
Recognize the signs before violence may occur, and how to act when violence is occurring.

“Protect your Property” (1 hour)
Property theft is the number one reported crime at Sam Houston State University. Learn
how you can keep your property safe and the importance of “Property Registration,”
which is available through the University Police Department.

“College Safety for High Schools” (1 hour)
Presented by C.O.R.E. Officer Jeff Butterworth

Deemed by High Schools as an Exemplary Program through outstanding survey results,
with a 92% recommendation average for all Juniors and Seniors in High School who
have attended the training based on an 80% survey return rate.

Officers meet with high school juniors and seniors to inform them about keeping campus
safety a priority as they choose their prospective university. The audience will hear
firsthand experiences, be provided statistical information, learn applicable Texas state
laws, and receive general safety tips and information about the major crime problems
at most universities. Based on this high approval rating, we believe this information is
useful for all high school students before they enter higher education at the college or
university of their choice.

Other programs of intervention, awareness, and are administered by differing departments
and recognized school

Victim Assistance Information
Additional posted information is available around campus, and is posted in most rooms,
residence hall lobbies, and all on campus buildings. This includes:
Victim Assistance Information Pamphlet provided by the SHSU Police Department:
This pamphlet provides resources for students, faculty, staff and guests to SHSU
information on Law Enforcement Resources in both Walker County and Montgomery
County (The Woodlands), Victim Assistance Resources in both the Huntsville and
Woodlands Area are provided as well as Texas/National Resources. Contact and
service information is provided for SAAFE House in Huntsville, Montgomery County
Women’s Center, contact information on the Texas Crime Victim’s Compensation Act,
Title IX information including Title IX Coordinator and investigators’ names and phone
numbers, SHSU Student Rights and rights of the Victim and Respondent in addressing
Complaints of Sexual Misconduct, Texas Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights, definitions, and
frequently asked questions including on how to preserve evidence. This information
is provided in all residence halls and buildings throughout campus and distributed to
students by law enforcement in adjacent jurisdictions.

Good Working Relationship with Law Enforcement §668.46
Sam Houston State University directs the Chief of Police to maintain the good working
relationship with federal, state, local, city and county law enforcement authorities it
currently enjoys. The University Police Department’s good working relationship with
other area law enforcement agencies ensures that crimes and alcohol violations at off-campus
sites may be reported to the University Police and if further assistance is needed
at off campus locations.

Student Guidelines Sex Offender Registration
(Sec. 170101(j) of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (42
U.S.C. 14071(j)), §668.46 (12)
SHSU PD is required under the listed federal law advising the campus community
where law enforcement agency information provided by the State of Texas concerning
registered sex offenders by computer network address may be obtained. As part of the
procedure, the state website is published, and located at
SexOffender , and is also located in the SHSU PD Annual Security Report as well as
on the SHSU PD website at
html. If the sex offender website information should change, a timely update shall occur
on the SHSU police website. Please call SHSU PD should you have any questions
concerning the Sex Offender website at 936 295-1800 to speak with an officer.

The Daily Crime Log §668.46 (f) (1) (i) (ii) (2) (3) (i) (A,B,C), (ii), (4), (5)
The Sam Houston Police Department Chief of Police maintains an easily understood daily
crime log that includes the nature, date, time, and general location of each crime and the
disposition of the complainant, if known, at the following website located on the SHSU
PD webpage

Submission for Statistics
The Annual Security Report must include the crime statistics incurred by SHSU for the
three most recent calendar years in or on campus, noncampus buildings or property,
the number of crimes that took place in dormitories or other residential facilities for
students on campus, and on public property.
These are the Clery Statistics for the last three years, but does not include current academic
V. Previous Academic Years (Does not Include Current Academic Year Statistics)

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