LGBTQ Equality

We at Sam Houston State University are committed to the inclusion of all students.  SHSU’s Institutional Mission Statement emphasizes the importance of promoting and supporting diversity.

The Counseling Center offers Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) training sessions - known as HAVEN.  Visit this page again, call us, or stop by the Counseling Center at the start of each semester to learn about the date and time of the next training. HAVEN is a campus-wide effort that began in 2009. It was created to promote inclusion and advocacy on campus so that faculty and staff members could provide a "safe zone" for the LGBTQ community to discuss issues without having to worry about being discriminated against or admonished for their sexual orientation. HAVEN trainings will provide LGBTQ information, available resources, and discussions on LGBTQ topics and how it relates to the college culture.  In a one hour session, we collaboratively discuss LGBTQ equity, promote awareness and understanding of LGBTQ concerns, present information on how to be a helpful and effective ally, along with providing valuable resources for LGBTQ topics. The session combines lecture with activities and interactive discussion.

HAVEN Objectives:

1. Providing facts and correcting false and uninformed information on the topics of sexual and gender identity
2. Recognizing struggles in the environment that affect LGBTQ individuals
3. Identifying and discussing strategies to reduce discrimination toward the LGBTQ community
4. Learning skills and information for making appropriate referrals
5. Raising awareness of the damaging impact of homophobia and heterosexism on all people

We believe all students at SHSU should feel safe regarding their sexual orientation.  

Join us for Lavender Graduation December 6th! 


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Additional LGBTQ Resources

Gamma Sigma Kappa (GSK - Gay/Straight Kats) is a Gay-Straight Alliance is an on campus organization that serves as a political, educational, social, and support group for the LGBTIQ community and allies in the Sam Houston State University community.

LGBTQ National Hotline

Toll-free 1-888-THE-GLNH (1-888-843-4564)


Emotional Challenges Faced by LGBT Students

Campus Pride

Guide to Self-Help Books

Human Rights Campaign


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