We currently provide tutoring for the 0300 and 1300 level math classes. We have Math graduate students that can tutor the upper level math classes. All students coming in for statistics help will be tutored by our STAT graduate students. If you need assistance with SPSS, SPSS help is being provided by the Math Department in the CHSS 130 computer lab.

If you need assistance while you are in the lab, please come to the office for help.

Calculators and classroom books may be checked out while you are in the center. They cannot be taken out of the center!

Classes we tutor for:

MATH 0331 - Pre-Algebra
MATH 0332 - Int. Algebra
MATH 1314 - Pre Calculus Algebra
MATH 1316 - Plane Trigonometry
MATH 1324 - Mth for Mngl Decision Making
MATH 1332 - College Mathematics
MATH 1369 - Elementary Statistics
MATH 1384 - Intro to Foundations of Math I
MATH 1385 - Intro to Foundations of Math II
MATH 1410 - Elementary Functions
MATH 1420 - Calculus 1
MATH 1430 - Calculus II (Grad Student must tutor)
STAT 3379 and SPSS tutoring are available in Farrington room 104. Stat grad students will tutor for this exclusively.
We also provide tutoring for the new Focus/Dev. Math sections.

Additional tutoring is available for:

We tutor the algebra portions ONLY of:

PHYS 1305
PHYS 1307
PHYS 1311

If your class is not listed, we will provide tutoring services on a case-by-case basis to assist you with math-related work.