Garcia Featured in "Numberphile" YouTube Channel Focusing on Mathematics

Dr. Luis Garcia, associate professor of mathematics in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at SHSU, is among a wide variety of mathematicians professors and other experts to be featured in an exciting YouTube channel called "Numberphile." Garcia's video, filmed over last summer and among the newest on the channel, addresses a new field in mathematics called sandpile groups. In only its first five days, the video has had over 170,000 views.

Department head Dr. Brian Loft notes that the channel contains "compelling episodes about both current and classic mathematics, many by famous mathematicians. Numberphile features episodes about codebreakingcontroversial math, and unsolvable problemsIt was originally housed at MSRI [Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, at Berkeley], but its popularity moved it to YouTube."

The department is proud to have Dr. Garcia's episode join many others on Numberphile, and invites anyone interested in fascinating and emerging areas of mathematics to visit the site, view his sandpile groups episode, and explore the numerous other videos available there.