Bernie E. Mesa B.S.

Texas A&M University
Electrical Engineering

After graduation, I worked for RCA Princeton Research Laboratories and Siemens Electronics in Munich Germany designing communications and video equipment. I founded a company, Micro Star Technologies in Huntsville TX, developing and building laboratory instruments for electron and atomic force microscopy, collaborated with Dr. Terry Hoage at the SHSU biology department, manufactured 20 nm diamond tools used in semiconductor lithography and have two patents, a rotary engine and a diamond tip surgical instrument.

After selling the company, I have enjoyed helping at the physics department laboratories, besides instructing, I designed and built equipment for measuring the speed of light and the gravitational constant. At my home machine and electronics shop, I am busy with several projects, among them a clock astrolabe as would have been made in the time of Ptolemy, and a sidereal clock whose only timing reference is the earth’s rotation, it would work unmodified on another planet or the moon.