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Job Boards

The following job boards can be powerful resources to utilize when searching for jobs and internships alike. Although there are many various job boards out in the world of work, these can be great ones to start your journey.

BEARKATS GET HIRED This job board is provided by SHSU Career Services, in which employers are always calling to add new positions for Bearkat students and alumni alike! This job board has part-time jobs, full-time jobs, on-campus jobs, off-campus jobs, student assistant positions, internships, and professional jobs for after graduation.
American Association for Public Opinion Research The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) is the leading professional organization of public opinion and survey research professionals in the U.S. This can be a great organization to network with professionals in the field , and it has a job board to look for opportunities in the field.
American Cultural Resources Association Internships ACRA supports and promotes the interests of cultural resource management (CRM) firms in the United States. Internship opportunities within the world of cultural resource management can be located through this database.
American Historical Association Job Board The American Historical Association is the largest professional organization serving historians in all fields and all professions. 
BookJobs  BOOKJOBS.COM provides a centralized job board to seek out available positions throughout the publishing industry.
Career Builder  This website has a unique feature in which it allows its users to store a resume online and has the option to receive job alerts. 
Career Builder - International This job search database provides users with aid in seeking out international job opportunities.
Career Jet This is a search engine that gathers opportunities from job boards and recruitment agencies/sites. CareerJet posts jobs from local areas and international locations.
CareerOneStop CareerOneStop offers a variety of resources for exploring career options, finding training opportunities, and jobs. 
Chegg Internships This is an internship database available through Chegg which offers diverse internships.
Cool Works: Jobs in Great Places This site is composed of many hospitality and guest service employers looking for candidates for jobs and internships alike.
Expatnetwork This website allows users seeking international employment to look for jobs all over. This website is free, but requires registration to utilize its services.
Federal Internships, The Washington DC Job Source This website provides links to various internship opportunities available in agencies or the Federal Government with links to members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate who offer internships. This site also showcases city and state opportunities.
Freelance Writing Freelance Writing is for businesses to hire strong writers and freelance writers to find employment opportunities.
GettingHired is a job database designated to connect individuals/veterans with disabilities to various job opportunities. There is no fee to use this site, but it does require you to register before applying for positions.
HigherEd Jobs HigherEd Jobs is a database that connects many university job boards to provide information on opportunities for both staff and faculty positions. This website makes it very easy to sort through various filters and look through different categories of jobs under the banner of higher education.
Idealist Idealist strives to connect people with opportunities that allow them to collaborate towards an important cause. Jobs, volunteering, internships, and other opportunities can be found through this site.
Indeed This classic job-searching site needs no introduction. It is an invaluable resource to utilize, but it is highly recommended that this is not your only tool of job searching because it is more mainstream.
Insights Association The Insights Association is a strong resource for those interested in marketing research and data analytics careers. This organization has a job board in these fields.
InternJobs This site allows internship seekers to search for various internships across different fields. This site does require registration to use its job board.
LinkedIn LinkedIn is a networking website which allows access to job postings which can be sought out through various filters based on your needs. This site is also an excellent resource to network and connect with other professionals in the field. For help creating your own LinkedIn account, connect with your SHSU Career Services career counselors. Their profiles are designed to be strong examples of what your own page can look like. For additional assistance, make an appointment with Career Services to help build yours up.
LinkUp This site is a job search engine that searches for jobs from company sites. The job postings range from small to large companies and across many different career fields.
Mission Capital This website can be a helpful resource for job seekers looking for nonprofit jobs and opportunities. 
OneDayOneJob This is another strong job board database that gathers diverse opportunities from all over.
Peace Corps The Peace Corps is a service opportunity for those looking to make a difference to immerse themselves in communities abroad, working to tackle important challenges.
Public Service Careers This site includes resources for public service careers. It has a job board and a database featuring profiles of public service leaders with details about their career paths to assist you in plotting your own path.
Texas Internship Challenge This site has postings for internships throughout the state of Texas from various employers.

Upwork is a global freelancing platform designed to connect independent professionals with businesses and allow for collaboration on projects covering various different industries.

USA Jobs - Government/Federal Jobs

USAJobs is the federal government’s official job search database with opportunities posted across many different fields and areas of expertise.

Work for Good

Jobs and internships by focus areas such as social responsibility or youth development, experience level, job function, and more can be found on this site for those looking to make a difference and 'work for good'.


This free site is a job search engine that searches for job postings that range from small to large companies and across many different career fields. This site has search preferences that can target areas, such as: SHSU Students Job Search, Political Science Job Search, Economics Job Search, and Special Needs Education jobs.

*For more resources to assist you in your job search check out the Internet Resources compiled by SHSU Career Services.*