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2018 LET’S TALK ™ Conversational Leaders

Brian Bell & Timothy Flanders “Champion Are Made, Not Born”

 Matthew Deggs “The Second Chance Guy: Being a Transformational Coach”

Jeff Powell “How a Welcoming Approach Led to a Cajun Café’s Success”

Bob Howie “The Sky is Not The Limit”

Thomas Oliverson “Medicine and the Law: What Texans Need to Know”

Jim Willett & Mitchel P. Roth “The Last Ride for the Texas Prison Rodeo”

Dan Dunn “Ready…Set…Paint!”

James Lopez “From Huntsville to Hollywood: How the Seeds of a Successful Career in Films Were Planted in Texas”

Nadav Morag “International Homeland Security and Terrorism: How Safe Are We?”

Nathan Jones “How Much Influence Do Mexican Cartels Really Have?”

Brian Jordan “A Historical Perspective On Confederate Monuments”

Pamela Zelbst “From Problem Solving to Prosthetics: How Business Students Build a Child’s Hand Using 3D Printing”

James “Spider” Marks “How Intelligent is our International Intelligence?”

Stephen Harrigan “Opening The Gates of the Alamo”

Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin “Exploring Near Death Experiences and Visions of the Afterlife”

Michael L. Williams “How Great Leaders Handle Adversity”

Alberto Gonzales “Why Public Service Is More Important Now than Ever”

Courtney West & Olivera Nesic-Taylor “The Future of Osteopathic Medicine at SHSU”

Benjamin Park “The Age of Hamilton: How an Unlikely Founding Father Caught Broadway’s Attention”

Bill Brown “Life with those Amazing Astros”

Rand Henderson “Keeping Crime Down In The Nation’s Fastest-Growing Area”

Christopher Maynard "Why the U.S. Didn't Dance on the Crumbling Berlin Wall"

Robert K. Hillier “Do Texans Have a say when it comes to Health Care?”

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