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Kathleen Rice Photo

Kathleen Brown-Rice, PhD, LPC, LCAS, ACS, NCC

Department Chair

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    Dr. Rice is passionate about training ethical and exceptional counselors and counselor educators! She has worked as a professional counselor in various clinical settings assisting clients with mental health, trauma, and substance abuse issues. Dr. Rice’s research areas focus on counselor supervision and training with an emphasis in ethical considerations, the implications of historical/generational trauma, and the impact of substance abuse on individuals, families, and the community. She also incorporates the use of biomarkers in her research to understand emotional regulation, risky behaviors, and resiliency.

Timothy Brown Photo

Tim Brown, PhD, LPC, CSC, NCC

Assistant Professor

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    Dr. Brown loves the counseling profession. He is a certified school counselor, licensed professional counselor, and a national board certified counselor. His research interests include school counseling ethics, spirituality in school counseling, and school counseling interventions. His experience includes working in a high-needs, low-socioeconomic school with a diverse student population in an urban environment as well as working with students and families in suburban and rural communities. As a licensed professional counselor, Dr. Brown has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and couples addressing a range of concerns from suicidal ideation to panic attacks.

Rick Bruhn Photo

Rick Bruhn, EdD, LMFT-S, LPC-S


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    Dr. Bruhn has trained mental health, school, and marriage, couple, and family counselors (MCFC) for 35 years. His passion is to teach in the MCFC, clinically oriented, and clinical hypnosis areas, although he has taught most of the courses in the counselor education curriculum. Dr. Bruhn’s research areas focus on marriage and family therapy, MFT supervision, the use of empathy in counseling, spirituality, and play therapy. He keeps a small private practice of individual and couple therapy, and clinical hypnosis to keep his skills sharp.

Yvonne Garza-Chaves Photo

Yvonne Garza-Chaves, PhD, MSW, LPC-S, CHST, Registered Play Therapist

Associate Professor

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    Dr. Garza is a Registered Play Therapist and Certified Humanistic Sandtray Therapist. Her departmental service post includes Doctoral Program Director. Her clinical experience has involved treatment of children and families in the areas of outpatient and inpatient mental health, as well as treatment of juvenile offenders, young children in Headstart programs and children recovering from cancer. Dr. Garza-Chaves has an active service record in the play therapy community; she has served on the board of the local, and state, play therapy associations, and is on several committees for the national play therapy association.

Richard Henriksen Photo

Richard C. Henriksen Jr., PhD, LPCS, NCC


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    Dr. Henriksen is dedicated to the preparation of ethical and outstanding counselors and counselor educators. He has worked as a professional clinical counselor in inpatient, residential, and outpatient settings focused on clients with acute mental health and substance abuse issues. He enjoys working with children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Henriksen’s research areas focus on multicultural issues, religion/spirituality, counselor supervision, counselor education and the identity development of multiple heritage individuals, couples and families. He also incorporates the use of existential philosophy in his research to understand how individuals make meaning and purpose in their lives.

Susan Henderson Photo

Susan Henderson, PhD, LPC, LMFT Associate, NCC

Assistant Professor

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     CEC 116

    Dr. Henderson has worked in a variety of clinical settings to help individuals, couples, and families. Her research interests involve helping others fulfill their potential, whether that be clients or students. Dr. Henderson’s research is focused on family related topics such as improving family functioning and the interaction of mental health issues (e.g., suicide, substance use) and family relationships (e.g., attachment). She is also interested in helping improve the effectiveness of future counselors as this relates to supervision and training. Finally, she is interested in giving a voice to those who are marginalized (i.e., groups excluded due to race, religion, gender, age, or cultural).

David Lawson Photo

David Lawson, PhD, LPC-S


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    David Lawson has worked in the field of interpersonal and combat-related trauma for over 35 years as a counselor educator, supervisor, independent practitioner, researcher, and consultant to women's shelters, rape crisis centers, and child advocacy centers. My current clinical and research focus is interpersonal trauma, intimacy violence, complex trauma and complex dissociative disorders. I am currently involved in a study with women who have been exposed to trauma and especially complex trauma and dissociation as children and adolescents. I teach courses in trauma, research methods, and practicum. Finally, I am the director for our Center for Research and Clinical Training in Trauma.

Chi-sing Li photo

Chi-Sing Li, PhD, LPC-S, LMFT-Approved Supervisor

Associate Professor

Lauren McLean photo

Lauren McLean, Ph.D., LPC

Assistant Professor

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     TEC 107E

    Dr. McLean has been a Licensed Professional Counselor for the state of Texas since 2015. Since 2005 she has worked in the mental health field in community mental health and non-profit settings with some work with school districts. She has worked with children, adolescents, and adults in various capacities including individual and group counseling, case management, and completing diagnostic assessments. In addition, Dr. McLean has been teaching and supervising students since 2015. Her primary areas of interest and specialization include gender and sexual orientation diversity, women's issues, trauma, and working with clients experiencing economic hardship.

Rebecca Robles-Pina photo

Rebecca Robles-Piña, PhD, LP


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    Hi, I am Rebecca Robles-Piña, Professor in the Department of Counselor Education and I invite you to join me in forging a great and professional counselor education experience. I have over 40 years of teaching experience with students ranging from kindergarten to doctoral students and over 20 years counseling clients with varied diagnoses. Most recently my teaching experiences have been in statistics, counseling assessment, diagnosis using the DSM-5, and completion of over 40 dissertations. My over 100 scholarly research articles have focused on psychosocial and emotional factors that affect the academic completion of under-represented students, bully/victim/bystanders’ dynamics, and statistical methods that employ using large datasets.

Sinem Akay-Sullivan photo

Sinem Akay-Sullivan Ph.D., LPC-S, Registered Play Therapist

Assistant Professor

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    Dr. Akay-Sullivan has worked in several clinical settings with a variety of age groups including young children, adolescents, and adults. She specializes in helping individuals to recover from maladaptive perfectionism, anxiety, and trauma. As a Registered Play Therapist, Dr. Akay-Sullivan also enjoys helping caregivers to gain better parenting skills and improve their relationships with their children. Dr. Akay-Sullivan’s research areas include effectiveness of trauma-focused interventions such as Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), effectiveness of play therapy, treatment of maladaptive perfectionism, and the use of psychophysiological tools in counseling.

Jeffrey Sullivan photo

Jeffrey M. Sullivan PhD, LPC-S, Registered Play Therapist

Associate Professor

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    Dr. Sullivan is committed to helping counseling students develop to their full potential as students, professionals, and individuals. He currently serves as the coordinator for the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program and is passionate about preparing students for success in the counseling profession. In addition, Dr. Sullivan is a Licensed Professional Counselor/Supervisor and Registered Play Therapist, and has published multiple articles and book chapters in the area of play therapy. Dr. Sullivan also specializes in qualitative and single-case research designs, and has published research articles and chaired/co-chaired dissertations using these methodologies.

Richard Watts photo

Richard Watts, PhD, LPC-S


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    Dr. Watts is a Distinguished Professor of Counseling at Sam Houston State University and a Texas State University System Regents’ Professor. He is a Diplomat in Adlerian Psychology and a Fellow of the American Counseling Association. He has published extensively and presented numerous workshops and keynote lectures at state, national, and international venues. His interests include Adlerian, cognitive, constructivist, humanistic-existential, and systemic theories and applications to counseling with individuals, couples, and groups; counselor supervision and professional leadership; and ethical, religious, and spiritual values in counseling.

Dee Dee Dirk Photo

Dee Dee Dirk

Assistant to the Chair

Kathleen Rice Photo

Nancy Cordner

Secretary for Woodlands Clinic

Petra Cater Photo

Petra Cater

Secretary for the Jack Staggs Counseling Clinic