Strategic Plan Updates 2021-2022

Strategic Plan Steering Committee Updates

Update 2 - November 2021

We want to provide you with an update on the continued work of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee. The strategic planning process is in full swing. We are steadily moving forward through the first phase of discovery and envisioning as we develop insights needed to build on the existing strategic framework (mission, vision, and values).

Focus Workgroup

Workgroup members are meeting with various stakeholder groups. Focus groups have been conducted with Student Government Association, Student Organizations, President’s Expanded Cabinet, President’s Council, Faculty, Staff, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Alumni Board of Directors, and Community Leaders. Additional focus groups will occur throughout November and the beginning of December.

Co-leads: Karen Sherrill and Tiyahri Wilson

Economic Research and Survey Workgroup

Workgroup members created a pilot survey for Students, Parents, Staff, Faculty, Alumni, and Business and Civic Influencers. Feedback from the pilot has been positive, with a strong response rate. The team is reviewing the results and incorporating the feedback into the final survey revision. Final revisions will conclude this weekend. The survey will launch on Monday, November 8 and remain available to complete through Friday, November 19.

Co-leads: Rachel Valle and Mike Yawn

Update 1 - October 2021

We have taken our first, exciting steps on a road of discovery that will help us plan and clearly navigate through the next decade. This collaborative and participative process, one that engages faculty, staff, students and the greater community, will bring forward bold and innovative ideas to meet opportunities and challenges that foster true transformational change.

In an increasingly complex world where the only constant is change, our goal is to position ourselves so that we can consistently make a life-changing impact on generations of students. To do that, our plan must be a living embodiment of our mission. A plan that encourages creative thinking, emboldens thoughtful action and builds continuous value.

For this plan to be meaningful and impactful, to make it work, we need you to be an active participant in this journey. Your voice is needed. To keep you informed, we plan to reach out through a number of ways including surveys, focus groups and other forums that are conducive to constructive dialogue and thought.

In addition to members serving on the Strategic Plan Steering Committee (SPSC), who represent areas and groups across campus, we will provide periodic updates to keep our community informed.

Phase One: Discovery and Envisioning

We are currently in the data collection and analysis phase of the planning framework. The SPSC has divided into two work groups to collect valuable feedback and data that we can build upon as we move forward.

Focus Groups

SPSC members will meet with various stakeholder groups to collect and analyze information and perceptions related to the university’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, often referred to as a SWOT analysis. This team is meeting weekly to foster greater communication and coordination among the ten stakeholder focus groups.

Co-leads: Tiyahri Wilson and Karen Sherrill

Economic Research and Surveys

Members have divided into two groups to address economic research and key constituent surveys. Economic research includes gathering and analyzing data relevant to the university’s enrollment and financial stability. Surveys directed to students, faculty, staff, alumni and other key constituencies are under development and will go live in November. Feedback and data received from the surveys and economic research will complement the information gathered in the focus groups helping us further clarify SHSU’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Co-leads: Rachel Valle and Mike Yawn