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Sam Houston State University offers a number of programs designed to help college transfer students meet their educational goals maximizing transfer credits while simultaneously minimizing the cost and time required to attain both the associate and baccalaureate degrees.  These programs include Online Articulation (this page), Joint Admissions, Reverse Transfer, and Cooperative Advising.  Exciting additional opportunities exist for high school students enrolled in Dual Credit, AP, Early College, or just taking college credits while still in high school.  High school students should consider utilizing Time Compressed Degree Plans which incorporate Online Articulation, Joint Admissions, Reverse Transfer, and Cooperative Advising to meet educational objectives. 

You will find the application for Joint Admissions with Sam Houston State University on this page.  Ideally you should not apply till you have achieved at least 12 hours of academic credits towards the baccalaureate degree of your choice as indicated by Online Articulation.  Statistically, transfers in excess of 35 hours are more than twice as like to complete the bachelor degree as those with 15 hours or less.  The Online Articulation material may then be used as a guide in conjunction with Joint Admissions to accumulate up to 66 hours of college transfer credits to SHSU with no loss of transfer credits.  Acceptance into Joint Admissions is based on your college transcript and completing the application forms as directed.  The minimum GPA for admission is 2.5 for 17 or fewer academic hours and 2.0 for more than 17 hours.

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“Transfer Scholarships” 
In general, transfer students are eligible for most scholarships at Sam Houston State University. General scholarship information and applications forms may be obtained here.   

The Carnegie Commission on Higher Education has ranked Sam Houston State University a "Doctoral Research University." This classification distinguishes the university by placing it in the top 7 percent of all 4,391 ranked private and public institutions of higher education in the United States.

Interested in another degree? We have 79 undergraduate degree programs. Check our Transfer Equivalency Guide to see which of your Lone Star College System classes equal the ones here at SHSU.