Astro 1 Videos

These videos were created in collaboration with Stephen Redman, a graduate student in the Astronomy department at Penn State University, and with the help of Ryan Wetzel and Digital Commons. The videos were originally created as a means of introducing an instructor presence in an introductory astronomy online course being taught during the Spring 2008 semester. Since then, we have expanded the number of videos in our collection. They can be downloaded from iTunesU, and found on Google Video (just search for "Astronomy 001").

Introduction Terrestrial Atmosphers
Rotation & Revolution Jovian Planets
Galileo's Experiment Uranus' Tilt
the Tablecloth Trick Plasma
Ball & String Demo Stellar Parallax
Blackbody Radiation the Selection Effect
Spectroscopy Pulsars
Conservation of Angular Momentum Spiral Density Waves
Mass vs. Density the Expansion of the Universe
Making a Comet        

Here is an interview Stephen and I did with Ryan at the Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Symposium 2008 at Penn State in regards to our videos: