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Scott Chapman
Distinguished Professor and Scholar in Residence
Sam Houston State University
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Box 2206
Huntsville, Texas 77341

Office: Lee Drain Building 426
Office Phone: (936) 294-1572
Office Fax: (936) 294-1882

email: scott dot chapman at shsu dot edu
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Editor Emeritus of the
American Mathematical Monthly

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The November 2017 Monthly is a Special Issue dedicated to Undergraduate Research in Mathematics which is guest edited by Joe Gallian and myself. It includes papers by Paul-Jean Cahen, Jean Chabert, and Kiran Kedlaya (P-orderings and genralized factorials); Colin Adams (knot theory); Cesar Silva (ergodic theory); Yufei Zhao (independent sets in regular graphs); Rishi Nath (combinatorics); Nathan Kaplan (numerical semigroups); and Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Christopher Kribs, and Benjamin Morin (Arizona State's Theoretical Biology Institute).,

You can access past issues of the Monthly on JSTOR .

Other Editorial Positions:

Journal of Commutative Algebra.









Here is some professional writing which involves my past editing.




Teaching for Fall 2018: Math 2395 Discrete Math





My research interests are in commutative algebra, finite abelian groups, combinatorics and number theory. In particular, I am very interested in problems concerning factorization of elements in integral domains and monoids and problems concerning integer-valued polynomials. You can find a complete list of my publications on my VITA. You can track my papers on my Google Scholar Profile. Here are some recent titles (undergraduate co-authors are marked with an asterik).



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